COVID-19 Coronavirus/Wuhan Virus

January 2020

Updated February 2020

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This page will include links and articles of general interest and will be updated when relevant information is available. 

The following articles and links may be of interest to Members.

Article by Rohan Bray CEO Steamship Hong Kong discussing charter party issues:

Link to World Health Organisation page including sections on Situation Reports, Technical Guidance, Travel Advice and How to Protect Yourself:

IMO Coronavirus page (which includes links to information in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian Spanish): 

Link to ISWAN with International Maritime Health Association (IMHA) advice for shipping companies on Coronavirus:

Sailors Society Guidance on Coronavirus is at:

Wilmhelmsen Global Port Restriction Map with an overview of port restrictions worldwide: 

Correspondents GAC have a dedicated page with information about Coronavirus and port circulars from around the world:

Johns Hopkins University map and statistics showing global cases of Coronavirus COVID-19

Alphabetical list of country/jurisdiction updates


Circular from port of ANNABA (in French) saying that the port of Annaba notified all local agents that following the sanitary services advise, all vessels who called Italian ports will be put on quarantine on road till the release into free circulation is obtained.


General update from correspondents Pandi Liquidadores


Correspondents Cocks McNish have provided this advice regarding Australia’s regulatory response.


Special Bulletin for Seaport and ship regarding Coronavirus” dated  06.02.2020 issued by the Department of Shipping, Government of Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh. 

circular dated 03.02.2020 issued by Embassy of The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh in China. 

English translated copy of the circular dated 30.01.2020 issued by Chittagong Port Authority - declaration to be submitted by all vessels inclusive Chinese Flag vessel calling at Chittagong. 

Special Health / Medical Declaration for vessels arriving Chittagong/Chattogram. 


Update from correspondents Proinde


Transport Canada Marine Security Notification #2020-003 with information and guidance on how to minimize the risk of Coronavirus transmission, including what is deemed as Transport Canada’s “Temporary Direction and Guidance” for foreign and domestic flagged vessels.


Oasis P&I Circular 2004 dated 19 February plus Notice to Master on Recommended Measures to address COVID-19 Risks on Board

Shanghai P&I circular dated 26 February 2020 – summary of main Chinese ports with updated measures in place

Huatai update dated 3 February 2020

Huatai update dated 13 February 2020, on crew illness causing delay to cargo discharge, and people on board from Hubei province causing delay to the vessel

Correspondents Huatai general update of 21 February 2020

Huatai advice for Machong Port plus Health Declaration Form

Correspondent Huatai’s advice about Guangzhou; Fujian/Fuzhou; Caofeidian/JintangDalian


Ministry of Health Circular No6 of 2020 dated 21/2/20


Correspondents Mateos report that the Gibraltar Port Authority requires that the attached protocol/declaration be completed by every vessel, yacht, cruise liner, bunker barge that will call Gibraltar at either the  Western Anchorage, East anchorage, North Anchorage, any alongside berth, Quick turnarounds, medical disembarkations, OPLA and OPLB. No exemptions will be given. 


Government of India Port Health Organization notification to All Shipping Agencies requiring vessels from China and Hong Kong to India to submit a declaration of health in advance of the vessel’s arrival.

India Marine Department Notice MAR/SOP/2020/D55 of 27.1.20 Standard Operating Procedures for Coronavirus

Paradip – Circular 3/2/20 and subsequent circular Suspension of shore leave for crew of vessels that have called Chinese Ports, Hongkong, Macau, South Asian Countries including Australian Ports.

Mangalore - Circular 4/2/20 banning landing of garbage from Chinese vessels or vessels that have visited China.

Cochin – 4/2/20 Advisory from PHO. Along with China & Hong Kong, Singapore & Thailand have been added to the list of 2019 nCov endemic countries. Also landing Garbage from ships from affected countries is banned, until further notice.

Mumbai – 31/1/20 Advisory issued by Port Health Organization (PHO) + Standard Operating Procedure for handling coronavirus at Mumbai

Kandla – 27/1/20 Advisory from PHO

Kolkata: Port Circular dated 28/1/20 & other documents

Chennai : Advisory on Coronavirus dated 24/1/20

Goa & Murmagao: various documents including advisory dated 27/1/20; Standard Operating Procedure 29/1/20  

Chennai, Ennore, Karaikal, Kattupalli, Cuddalore & Nagapattinam. SOP from Port Health Officer

KENYA: Kenya Ports Authority requirements for people/vessels having called at China in the last 14 days


Kuwait Correspondents GAC advise as follows: 

25.02.2020 The Kuwait Ministry of Communications has informed all agents that as part of efforts to prevent the spread of the Novel Corona Virus through Maritime ports and border crossings, pursuant to the instructions of the Ministry of Health and the Global health epidemic on the emergence of cases of Novel Corona Virus infected, in the Republic of Korea, The Italian Republic, The Kingdom of Thailand, The republic of Singapore and Japan as well as the Peoples Republic of China, Hongkong and the Republic of Iraq, all Kuwaiti ports are prohibited from receiving foreign ships arriving from / departing to the above countries in addition to closing all Maritime ports and banning all arrivals from any Nationality during the past two weeks from the above countries until further notice.

Kuwait Ships should co-ordinate with the Harbor Master in cooperation with the Ministry of Health. Copy of the circular is attached 

For further clarification please contact:

26.02.2020 The Kuwait Ministry of Communications has issued another circular stating that in order to contribute to economic stability and to mitigate the effects of the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID19), the Ministry of health recommends to allow the ships carrying goods from the Republic of Korea, The Italian republic, Kingdom of Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Peoples republic of China and Hong Kong to berth with the emphasis of prohibiting direct contact with the crew and preventing them from disembarking from the ship. The period they have specified is two weeks of their departure from the affected ports.


Bintulu Port health screening procedures

KENYA: Kenya Ports Authority requirements for people/vessels having called at China in the last 14 days


Port Health Establishment Preventative Measures dated 27 January 2020

Port Qasim Circular 28.1.20 Instructions for current emergency situation corona virus


Bureau of Quarantine Memorandum Circular 2020 – 02 dated 31 January 2020 – Guidelines at all seaports for prevention and spread of 2019-NCOV

Bureau of Quarantine Interim Guidelines No1 for ship operators


Correspondents Antarica have produced an update for European part of ports of Russian Federation regarding measures taken to prevent spreading of nCov virus via the crew on ships arriving in Russian port for commercial purposes.

SOUTH AFRICA Correspondents Shepstone & Wylie outline of measures in place at South African ports.


MPA Circular 6 of 26 February 2020 Maritime Declaration of Health

MPA Circular 7 of 26 February 2020 Extension of precautionary measures in Singapore

Correspondent Cosmarine update on various South East Asian countries including Singapore, India, Philippines, Pakistan, Malaysia


UAE Crew health report requirements can be downloaded here

Haman Port : All vessels to submit attached Declaration Form with Pre – Arrival Information 72/48/24 Hours prior arrivals. No other requirement officially announced so far. 

Ras Laffan Port:

  • Attached circular from Ras Laffan, MDH, Corona Virus declaration, forms required from all vessel calling Ras LaffanMaritime Health Declaration normally need to be submitted to regulation department 72 Hrs prior to arrival, in addition Master need to update & resubmit MDH 24 Hours prior berthing also.
  • If vessel arriving directly from China or called in china, the quarantine period commences on departure China, Ras Laffan port regulation will review the departure date from China and berth if vessel completed 15 days of quarantine  period before calling Qatar.
  • If any crew onboard suspected with Corona Virus, Ministry of Health will attend the vessel for inspection, pilot will board once Ministry of Health approved to board.
  • Off signers from foreign vessels should attend screening inside port.
  • Crew arriving from Halul island or area operating directly by QP should complete Corona virus screening in side Ras Laffan port.
  • On Signers will screen at Hamad International airport only.

Mesaieed Port: Circular MIC/2020/002.

Fujairah: Federal Transport Authority Circular dated 27/2/20


Correspondents Chadwick Weir Circular of 3 February 2020


Correspondents Hudson Tactix have provided Marine Safety Information Bulletin MSIB 02-20 and Marine Safety Information Bulletin MSIB 04-20 issued by the Delaware Bay sector.  

Correspondents Independent Maritime have provided this US Maritime Advisory 2020 – 004 which includes various links to US Government announcements about Travel Health; US Coast Guard Coronavirus Precautions; Reporting requirements etc

Correspondent IMC provide Basic recommended precautions for vessels calling at the US


Port circulars from Ho Chi Minh dated 6 February 2020 and Haiphong dated 7 February 2020