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To search for a correspondent, enter the name or the first part into the company search field. Alternatively, enter a location (town, state or country) to search for correspondents in that area. A combination of company and location will streamline the search results.

Law Firms are marked thus *

Individuals who have achieved the P&IQ Certificate (i.e. through passing modules 1, 2, 3 of the IG P&IQ course) are denoted by (P&IQ Certificate) after their name. 

Individuals who have achieved the P&IQ Advanced Certificate (i.e. through passing modules 1 through 7 of the IG P&IQ course) are denoted by (P&IQ Advanced Certificate) after their name. 


If you have any queries about Correspondents, please contact our Correspondent and Communications Manager, Neil Gibbons.

Download list of Correspondents.

For the administration of existing Correspondent details, please provide details by email.

Steamship Mutual Correspondents

The Club does not appoint Agents, but when difficulties arise Members are recommended to search our international network of firms for assistance, using the comprehensive search facility to the left. 


The correspondent, although listed and named by the Association, acts for the shipowner/charterer whose vessel is entered with the Club. Where possible the Club requests that all correspondence, including survey reports and letters are sent to the Club by email. Unless a case handler requests otherwise, the Club will not need to be sent physical copies of any exchanges by post.


The Club's preferred method of invoicing is and if possible, all service providers are requested to invoice by this method. For information regarding VAT on invoices please view our VAT information or alternatively contact our finance department.


Read the International Group Guidelines for Correspondents.


The SSM Mobile App also provides contact details for Correspondents, PEME Clinics, Staff, the European Inland & Short Sea Facility and Emergency numbers. For information on how to download the app click here


Correspondents change of details form.

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