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Coronavirus - Stay Safe On Board

The world’s reliance on shipping and its seafarers has been brought into sharp focus by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. A new film “Coronavirus - Stay Safe on Board”, produced by Marine Media Enterprises with the support of Columbia Ship Management, ISWAN and the Club looks at what Covid-19 means for the seafarer and aims to bring succinct and practical advice to those working at sea. 

Seafarers are resilient people, able to draw on their already well-developed mental strength. Nevertheless Covid-19 presents a new danger and has created significant difficulties in relation to tours of duty and crew changes. The film examines how people working at sea can seek to protect themselves and their colleagues and stay safe and well through diet and exercise. Looking at how the virus might be carried to a ship and how it might spread once on board, the film observes the importance of the cleanliness of hands and commonly touched surfaces on board a ship.

Whilst it is important for seafarers to maintain a positive attitude and keep in contact with their colleagues, the film discusses the need for social distancing. “Coronavirus - Stay Safe on Board” also looks at what to do if a crew member shows symptoms of Covid-19, how they may be cared for and the obligations of the Master in terms of the Maritime Declaration of Health and the need to consider the impact on the duty rota.

Seafarers may be used to spending time away from home, but they are not forgotten, and indeed their importance has been highlighted as the pandemic has continued. This film aims to provide a further level of support and information to seafarers wherever they may be.

A comprehensive page detailing, guidance and additional information regarding Coronavirus is available via this link.

To download this film, click the share icon in the top right of the film; click the Vimeo link and from here it is possible to download a free copy of the film. 

Subtitled language versions of the film available are:

We would like to thank our Members (including Mr. C. C. Lai and Ms. Corinne Li - Formosa Plastics Marine Corporation), correspondents and colleagues for their support in translating the subtitles for the above film.