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Cruise and Ferry Department

As you are aware, Steamship Mutual has been a market leader in the cruise and ferry sectors for many years. More than 12% of the Club’s tonnage is cruise and ferry and we remain as committed as ever to the passenger sectors, especially at such a difficult time for the industry.

To reinforce our service offering we launched our new bespoke Cruise and Ferry team in 2020. This dedicated team services cruise and ferry Members providing the support of a team of experts in the field, who between them have many decades of cruise and ferry experience. The intention is to ensure that Steamship remains at the forefront of the P&I world where cruise and ferry is concerned. With a dedicated team working solely on our passenger entries, we will ensure the level of service and knowledge is as high as ever to build on our status as a market leader in this area.

Key features of our product for Cruise and Ferry operators:

  • Athens Convention compliant cover for both PLR non-war and PLR war liabilities
  • Additional covers available for passenger and other liabilities, up to a limit of US$1 bn per event, including:
    • Air travel to reach the port of embarkation or to return home after disembarkation
    • Athens convention (PLR) – War Risks
    • Doctor's negligence/malpractice
    • Extended non-standard passenger ticket terms
    • Hotel accommodation and related risks pre/post embarkation
    • Shore excursions and tour operators’ liabilities (separately ticketed)
    • Shoreside recreation and activities at Member owned property and facilities.
Gary Field, the Club’s Head of Underwriting said:
“We are intent on continuing to support our cruise and ferry entry as best we can, and we are convinced the new department will only further enhance our reputation in the industry. We will continue to offer fully comprehensive P&I cover with tailored terms of entry to suit our members risk appetite while providing support not just on claims but also on assisting our members to mitigate exposure on the risks peculiar to the passenger industry”.

Other contractual liabilities cover available


Non Poolable Covers

Fixed Limit cover for Charterers

War Risk Kidnap and Ransom Covers

Cruise and Ferry Team Underwriting Contacts

For further details and information, please contact us.


Cruise and Ferry Team Claims Contacts