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Coronavirus - Mental Resilience On Board

The most obvious and direct threat of COVID 19 is the risk of infection, which our “Coronavirus – Stay Safe On Board” film examined as well as the measures needed to reduce risk. Whilst the ship is at sea, far away from land and sources of the virus, the risk of infection is low, but the virus can nonetheless pose other threats to health and wellbeing that are associated with worry and anxiety.

For seafarers, these worries can arise in many ways:

  • “Will I be able to leave the ship and return home for my scheduled leave?”
  • “How are my family and friends coping with the threat and the effects of the virus? Will they stay safe and well?”
  • “How much personal risk of infection will I be exposed to when the ship reaches its next port?”
  • “What will be the effect of the pandemic upon my company’s business and my future employment prospects?”

It is perfectly natural for seafarers to have these worries – it is human nature – but it is vitally important that those worries are managed. If they are not, they can affect physical wellbeing since mental resilience and physical wellbeing are mutually dependent. If one is weakened the other will be too.

We developed “Coronavirus – Mental Resilience On Board” to focus on the importance of mental resilience; identify some of the threats for those on board; and focus on how to combat stress to maintain a good and positive mental state by including details of skills and coping strategies to help. Further guidance on techniques you can use to achieve mental resilience can be found at the following link:

“Coronavirus – Mental Resilience On Board” was produced by Marine Media Enterprises with the support of Columbia Ship Management, Petronav Ship Management, ISWAN and Steamship Mutual. The film can also be downloaded by clicking the ‘share’ icon in the top right of the film; click the Vimeo link and from here it is possible to download a free copy of the film.

Other subtitle language versions of this film available are: KoreanTagalogBrazilian-Portuguese and Chinese

Our first programme “Coronavirus - Stay Safe On Board” is also available to download from our website where you will also find links to subtitled language versions of the film.

A comprehensive page detailing, guidance and additional information regarding Coronavirus is available via this link.