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Club Circulars

London Circulars


L.414 Electronic Paperless Trading

L.413 Notice of General Meeting

L.412 The International Group Reinsurances 2023/2024

L.411 Notice of Cancellation in Respect of War Risks

L.410 Steamship Mutual and Sustainability

L.409 Turkish Authorities Requirements for Confirmation of P&I Cover - Update

L.408 The Price Cap on Russian Oil - Update

L.407 Turkish Authorities request for letters of confirmation of P&I cover

L.406 Electronic Paperless Trading

L.405 Financial Update and 2023 Renewal

L.404 Chinese Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) - International Group FAQs

L.403 Update to TradeLens Terms and Conditions

L.402 EU Sanctions - Clarification on the Carriage of Certain Russian Cargoes Update

L.401 EU sanctions – clarification on the carriage of certain Russian cargoes

L.400 Member Broker Survey

L.399 Member and Broker Survey

L.398 The European Union’s 6th Sanctions Package

L.397 Electronic Paperless Trading

L.396 Electronic Paperless Trading

L.395 Year end results and renewal report

L.394 Reporting requirements and Evasion alert

L.393 Management Succession Arrangements

L.392 Further Revision of Hull War Breach Areas

L.391 Revision of Hull War Breach Areas

L.390 Mental Health Support for Seafarers

L.389 Ukraine - Russia conflict and the impact on shipping

L.388 Revision of Hull War Breach Areas

L.387 Financial Update

L.386 Sanctions- Recent deceptive practices

L.385 Notice of General Meeting