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European Circulars

European Circulars


E.97 Requirement to provide voyage attestations and Alert from the Price Cap Coalition

April 2024

E.96 Passing of Ordinary Resolutions

February 2024

E.95 Charterers War Risks for the Red Sea

February 2024

E.94 Notice of Cancellation in respect of War Risks – Red Sea

February 2024

E.93 Russian Sanctions Update

February 2024

E.92 Board Meeting

February 2024

E.91 General Meeting of the Members of Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association (Europe) Limited

January 2023

E.90 Guidance for all Companies in the Maritime Sector

January 2023

E.89 Renewal of the International Group Reinsurance Programme

December 2023

E.88 Revision of Hull War Breach Areas

December 2023

E.87 Approval by the International Group of P&I Clubs (the Group) of the eTEU eBL Platform

December 2023

E.86 Update to Secro Terms and Conditions

December 2023

E.85 Update to Secro Terms and Conditions

May 2023

E.84 United States temporarily authorises transactions involving oil, gas and gold in Venezuela

December 2023

E.83 ICE Digital Trade Management Limited (ICE): Approval of ICE Access Agreement (2023.01)

E.82 Change of name from essDOCS Exchange Limited to ICE Digital Trade Management Limited: Update to DSUA

E.81 Electronic (Paperless) Trading

E.80 Financial Update and 2024 Renewal

E.79 Updated suite of IG – recommended Letter of Indemnity Wordings

E.78 US imposes sanctions on jet fuel transport to Burma

E.77 The EU's 11th package of sanctions against Russia

E.76 Year end results and renewal report

E.75 Russian Oil Price Cap Update

E.74 Revision of Hull War Breach Areas

E.73 Appointment of new Partners and Managers

E.72 Request from the Turkish Authorities for Confirmatory Letters of P&I Cover

E.71 General Meeting

E.70 Request to Update Bank Details for Europe Club

E.69 Financial Update

E.68 Electronic Paperless Trading

E.67 Notice of General Meeting

E.66 The International Group Reinsurances 2023/2024

E.65 Notice of cancellation in respect of War RIsks

E.64 Steamship Mutual and Sustainability

E.63 Requirements for vessels carrying crude oil transiting Turkish waters – Update

E.62 The Price Cap on Russian Oil - Update

E.61 Turkish Authorities request for letters of confirmation of P&I cover

E.60 Electronic Paperless Trading

E.59 Financial Update and 2023 Renewal

E.58 Chinese Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) - International Group FAQs

E.57 Update to TradeLens

E.56 EU sanctions- Clarification on the carriage of certain Russian cargoes

E.55 EU sanctions- Clarification on the carriage of certain Russian cargoes

E.54 Member and Broker Survey - update

E.53 Member and Broker Survey

E.52 The European Union’s 6th Sanctions Package

E.51 Electronic Paperless Trading

E.50 Paperless Trading

E.49 Financial Year Highlights

E.48 Reporting requirements and Evasion alert

E.47 Management Succession Arrangements

E.46 Further Revision of Hull War Breach Areas

E.45 Revision of Hull War Breach Areas


E.43 Ukraine Conflict

E.42 Revision of Hull Breach Areas

E.41 Financial Update

E.40 Sanctions and Recent Deceptive Practices

E.39 Notice of General Meeting

E.38 The International Group Reinsurance Programme 2022/2023

E.37 Financial Update and 2022 Renewal

E.36 Notice of Meeting

E.35 Electronic Paperless Trading

E.34 Sierra Leone - Iron Ore Fines

E.33 New Information Films to Assist Seafarers

E.32 Electronic Paperless Trading

E.31 Notice of General Meeting

E.30 Financial Update and 2021/22 Renewal

E.29 War and Piracy

E.28 Electronic Paperless Trading - TradeLens eBL system

E.27 Fraudulent Transfer Request Notice

E.26 Cyber cover

E.25 Rule Changes: Confirmation of Passing of Ordinary Resolutions

E.24 General Meeting of the Members of the Association

E.23 United States sanctions on Venezuela

E.22 Financial Update

E.21 International Group Reinsurances 2021/2022

E.20 US Oil Pollution California - Increased criminal penalties for oil spill related offences

E.19 Steamship Mutual Financial Update and 2021 Renewal

E.18 US Pollution California – Increased criminal penalties for oil spill related offences

E.17 War and Piracy

E.16 Notice of Meeting – Amended Notice

E.15 Nord Stream 2 and TurkStream – Update on New US Sanctions

E.14 Steamship Mutual helping seafarers maintain mental well-being

E.13 Impact of US Sanctions on Trade Involving Venezuela and P&I

E.12 New Revised People’s Republic of China (PRC) Law on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Wastes

E.11 US Sanctions in Respect of Nord Stream 2 / Turk Stream Gas Projects

E.10 Coronavirus Film - "Crew Change"

E.9 Coronavirus - Protection On Board

E.8 Financial Update and 2020/21 Renewal

E.7 US Global Maritime Advisory "Guidance"

E.6 CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) – FILM - “Mental Resilience On Board”

E.5 Vessel Monitoring and P&I Insurance

E.4 Mexico alert – smuggling of illegal narcotics – risk of ship detention and crew arrest

E.3 UN Report on DPRK Sanctions

E.2 CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) – FILM - “Stay Safe on Board”

E.1 Accounting