The first in a series of films discussing Coronavirus and how to navigate the issues it raises whilst on board; this film discusses the need for social distancing. “Coronavirus - Stay Safe on Board” also looks at what to do if a crew member shows symptoms of Covid-19, how they may be cared for and the obligations of the Master and the need to consider the impact on the duty rota.This film aims to provide a further level of support and information to seafarers wherever they may be. Read More...

Comments received

“A very informative lecture video and is applicable onboard. Stay safe”


“Coronavirus – Mental Resilience On Board” to focus on the importance of mental resilience; identify some of the threats for those on board; and focus on how to combat stress to maintain a good and positive mental state by including details of skills and coping strategies to help. Read More...


The third video in our series “Protection on Board”  addresses the threats that arise when the vessel reaches port, and identifies the measures that should be taken and the procedures to be followed to reduce the risk of seafarers contracting the virus during their vessel’s time in port. Read More...


“Coronavirus – Crew Change” examines the procedures that need to be followed during both embarkation and disembarkation in order to ensure that these operations are undertaken safely and the risk of infection appropriately controlled. Read More...

COVID 19 Update 2021


In this programme “Covid-19 Update” we discuss the effects of the significant changes imposed by Flag States, Labour Supply Countries, Port States and Port Authorities, and issues such as:

  • how to maintain mental resilience;
  • how to deal with COVID-19 on board and stay safe;
  • how seafarers are affected during crew change;
  • how the distribution of vaccines may change the situation.


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