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Title Date
United States Coast Guard Updated Marine Casualty Reporting Forms August 2019
Paris MoU: Guidance on procedures for operational controls July 2019
Cyber Security USCG Recommendations July 2019
Blockchain: The New Kid on the Block July 2019 Video article
Punitive Damages: Landmark ruling in US Supreme Court June 2019
War Risk Covers June 2019
Transiting the Strait of Hormuz: War Risk, Unsafe Port and Frustration June 2019
Cyber Security on Ships: Guidelines June 2019
“Lady M” – Court of Appeal considers the fire exception in the Hague-Visby Rules June 2019 Video article
Cyber Security and Data Protection June 2019
South Africa: Fishing in South Africa Waters June 2019
New LMAA Clauses Concerning Commencement of Arbitration June 2019 Video article
Equitable Set-Off of Charterparty Claims May 2019
Steamship Mutual Welcomes SAPIC South American P&I Correspondents May 2019
Russian Crude: High Organic Chloride Content May 2019
Hong Kong: Arbitration Developments May 2019
Jones Act - When is a Worker a "Seaman"? May 2019
Eleni P - Interpreting an Off-Hire Clause May 2019
What is Good Weather? May 2019
COLOMBIA: Precautionary anti-narcotics guidelines June 2019
SINGAPORE: PSC Detentions for Defects of Sewage Treatment Plant May 2019
Bunker Time Bars: Buyers Beware May 2019
How to Settle on a Settlement Agreement April 2019
Red Sea and Arabian Sea - New HRA Limits May 2019
UKRAINE - Update on ballast segregation May 2019