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Title Date
Club representatives visit the world’s largest container vessel January 2018
Venezuela: Closure of borders with Netherlands Antilles January 2018
South Africa: Local Regulations Regarding Storage of Alcohol January 2018
USA: California Biofouling Management and Ballast Water Management Regulations January 2018
Turkey: Sea Pollution Fines in 2018 and General Pollution Advice for Turkey January 2018
The Approach Voyage - The Pacific Voyager January 2018
China: Emission Control Area (ECA) - Low Sulphur Fuel Requirement from 01.01.2018 December 2017
Dangerous Bulk Cargoes - Unprocessed Incinerator Bottom Ash [U-IBA] December 2017
China: Hainan MSA to implement ship pollution control plan November 2017
Venezuela: Potential Difficulties During Mandatory Underwater Inspections November 2017
Brazil: Customs Reintroduce the Obligation to Produce the Original Bill of Lading November 2017
Senegal - Fines Being Imposed For Failure To Declare Fire Extinguishers and C02 November 2017
Guidelines for the Carriage of Hides and Skins in Containers November 2017
Argentina: Coast Guard Requirements when a Vessel Loses an Anchor before or Whilst in Argentine Waters October 2017
Plague Outbreak in Madagascar October 2017
US Court Reviews Maintenance and Cure, Unseaworthiness and Jones Act Negligence October 2017
ReCAPP Report on Combating Piracy in Asia October 2017
Singapore: Revised Process for Clearance of Crew and Passengers at Ports October 2017
New Guidelines for the Carriage of Charcoal and Carbon in Containers October 2017
Australian Authorities To Take Action on Crew Wages and Conditions October 2017
Cargo Shortage Claims in Morrocco October 2017
Bangladesh: Updates on Cargo Claims, Anchoring and more October 2017
Freezing Orders in Hong Kong October 2017
Disbursements and Equitable Set Off October 2017
US Crew Personal Injury Claim Compelled to Arbitration September 2017