March 2021

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Title Date
COVID-19 – Helpful Information & Resources - Seafarer vaccinations – US Ports June 2021
Maritime Cyber Awareness for Seafarers – a new online course from The Nautical Institute June 2021
Jones Act: Seafarer status after “Sanchez” May 2021
Australia: Bunkers Convention May 2021
National Strike in Colombia - implications for the shipping industry May 2021
Brazil: Drug Smuggling May 2021
Australia: Exhaust gas cleaning systems April 2021
Should a Settlement Protect Medicare? April 2021
China: Summer Fishing Ban adjustment April 2021
Smart Thinking April 2021
CINS Guidelines for the carriage of seed cake in containers April 2021
Cyber Security and Data Protection April 2021
Seafarers: the COVID Odyssey April 2021
Fatigue and Fitness for Duty April 2021
Panama Canal - Safe Access to Navigation Bridge April 2021
MAIB: Cruise Ship Anchor Failures April 2021
Prevention of infectious disease at sea March 2021
US Government issues warning against activities involving Nord Stream 2 pipeline March 2021
Towing Operations in South African waters March 2021
China: ban on chemical transportation March 2021
Preventing Container Loss March 2021
The effect of "subject to" - “THE LEONIDAS” March 2021 Video Article
Guarantee interpretation – Judicial Guidance March 2021
London Dumping Convention – a summary March 2021
Bauxite – A cargo that may liquefy February 2021