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Title Date
Hold Cleaning - when is clean, clean enough? September 2017
Yangtze River Low Sulphur Fuel Requirements Update September 2017
Floating Storage and Contractual Interpretation September 2017
UK Cyber Security Code of Practice for Ships  September 2017  
Domestic Emission Control Areas in China - Early Implementation of Requirements September 2017
The new Brazilian Civil Procedure Code: What has changed and how may it affect you? September 2017
Force Majeure in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma September 2017
Increased Exposure for Shipowners in Medical Malpractice Cases September 2017
Contribution for Purely Economic Damages Available Under the Oil Pollution Act September 2017
Claiming Safety Exemption From Complying With California and United States Low-Sulfur Fuel Use Regulations September 2017
Electronic Release System and Delivery of Cargo - MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company SA v Glencore International AG September 2017
OW Bunkers - New York Ruling September 2017
Nigeria Security and Port Update, August 2017 August 2017
The Cruise Passenger Protection Act: An Emotional Challenge to the Death on the High Seas Act and the Uniform Application of American Maritime Wrongful Death Law August 2017
OFAC Designations in respect of North Korea - August 2017 August 2017
The "New Flamenco" - Supreme Court Decision August 2017
China - Ships are Alerted to Avoid Collision with Fishing Boats August 2017
Fit for Life DVD nominated for Safety4Sea Initiative Award 2017 July 2017
CMF Advice for the Gulf of Aden Region July 2017
Steamship Wanderers Walk 24 Peaks in 24 Hours in Support of SeafarersUK July 2017
English High Court Proceedings v. London Arbitration July 2017
The 'Maersk Tangier' - Package Limitation for Containerised Cargoes under the Hague-Visby Rules July 2017
Sulphur emissions in the Baltic Sea: two years on July 2017
A Vessel Does Not Comply With Regulations or Requirements - Who Pays for Consequent Modifications? July 2017
U.S. Internal Revenue Service Announces Campaign to Increase Compliance with "Freight Tax" June 2017