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Title Date
Claims under General Average Guarantees April 2020
COVID-19 - Club cover – some basics April 2020
COVID-19: Guide For Members on Contractual Issues April 2020
BMP West Africa March 2020
Identifying a disponent owner not named in the charterparty March 2020
What’s in a guarantee? March 2020
Fire prevention on vessels March 2020
Mississippi River – Anchoring issues and Loss Prevention Advice March 2020
PHILIPPINES – Crew Claim Guidance – Impact of COVID-19 on 120 / 240 Day Rule March 2020
Covid-19 and ships’ crews March 2020
Nickel Ore shipments from the Philippines March 2020 
Clean on Board? March 2020
Portugal: Stevedores Strikes at Portuguese Ports from 9 March until 1 June 2020 March 2020
International Women's Day 2020 March 2020
Greece: Pollution of the marine environment February 2020
CINS Guidelines for the carriage of seed cake in containers February 2020
Turkey – Undeclared bunker cases at Turkish ports February 2020
New P&I Year February 2020
US – Reporting inoperable Gear and Equipment to the USCG February 2020
Further developments in Salvage February 2020
P&I Qualification (P&IQ) Programme February 2020
COVID-19 Coronavirus Updated April 2020
Cargo Claims in Brazil - Practical Guidance January 2020
How will compliance with MARPOL Annex VI be determined? January 2020
IGP&I Asia Correspondents Seminar December 2019 January 2020