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Title Date
SINGAPORE: Oil Spills During Bunkering October 2018
VENEZUELA: Drugs and Security Concerns October 2018
ARGENTINA: New Ship's Stores List Forms October 2018
SINGAPORE: Lost Anchors October 2018
TURKEY: Major Amendments to Rules Governing Traffic Regulations in Turkish Straits September 2018
Compliance with the 2020 Global Sulphur Cap September 2018
BRAZIL: Immigration Controls on Seafarers - Practical Guidance September 2018
CHINA: Low Sulphur Content Fuel Regulations from 1.10.2018 September 2018
Great Pacific Garbage Patch - Cleanup to Commence! August 2018
Acindar, Argentina: Strong river currents in Parana River August 2018
Sulphur Emissions: The Clock is Ticking August 2018
China: Fishery Farms Claims August 2018
Port State Control CIC August 2018
Australia: Proper stowage of cargo in containers August 2018
Australia: Increased Fines for Marine Pollution July 2018
Singapore: Safe navigation in Singapore Strait and waters July 2018
HAITI: Violent disturbances July 2018
Thailand: Waste Import July 2018
Piracy - Best Management Practices - BMP5 July 2018
The "Alhani" - Hague Rules Time-Bar Applied to a Claim for Misdelivery June 2018
Hodeidah, Yemen - Fighting around the port of Hodeidah June 2018
CHINA: Solid waste importation regulation changes June 2018
New Zealand biofouling - Craft Risk Management Standard June 2018
Prerequisite to Proving Cruise Line Negligence June 2018
Speed and Performance, Pitfalls and Practice June 2018