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Steamship Mutual Welcomes SAPIC South American P&I Correspondents

SSM Roundel

Steamship Mutual

Published: May 23, 2019




P&I Clubs rely heavily on their networks of correspondents to be able to provide their members with the claims service they expect. Our article “The Importance of Correspondents” tells of the importance we attach to the Club’s correspondents. So Steamship Mutual was proud to welcome the SAPIC organisation to Steamship's London office in May 2019. SAPIC is an informal association of South American P&I Correspondents founded in 2001. Considering the common interests and similar work conditions, the original South American area of SAPIC was extended to include other countries in Latin America and North America. They meet from time to time to discuss matters of common interest and to promote high standards of quality in the servicing of their principals’ needs. Their website contains news about developments in various jurisdictions as well as information about the members of SAPIC.

Their Annual General Meeting usually takes place in one of the SAPIC organisation’s offices, but occasionally they hold meetings elsewhere. In May 2019 SAPIC‘s AGM took place in London, hosted by Steamship Mutual. After their AGM they took the opportunity to meet correspondent managers from many of the IG Clubs and discussed matters of mutual interest. Additionally, in the evening they invited claims handlers from all IG Clubs to a reception. This was an excellent opportunity for claim handlers from clubs to catch up on news from the many jurisdictions represented by the SAPIC organisation. The close cooperation between correspondents and claim handlers helps to promote the smooth handling of claims to the benefit of members.

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