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Steamship Mutual Partners with Sailors’ Society to Improve Seafarers’ Health and Fitness

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Steamship Mutual

Published: August 01, 2016


With funding provided by the Ship Safety Trust, the Managers have agreed a one-year sponsorship of the Physical Wellness module of Sailors’ Society’s Wellness at Sea coaching programme.

Chris Adams, Director, Head of the European Syndicate and Loss Prevention said: “This sponsorship makes eminent sense because of the perfect alignment of the Physical Wellness module with the objectives of the Club’s most recent loss prevention DVD “Fit for Life". Both are designed to facilitate greater understanding on the part of seafarers of the importance of good health for the benefit of themselves and the families they support. We hope that our Members and others will avail themselves of the valuable training this programme offers.” Further information about this programme can be found , and also in the press release issued by the Sailors’ Society.

The Sailors’ Society’s Wellness at Sea programme seeks to support the mental and physical health of seafarers in a holistic manner, addressing five specific needs: physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellness.

To find out more regarding the programme, please contact your usual contact at the Club’s Managers or the Sailors Society on  

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