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Nickel Ore shipments from the Philippines

SSM Roundel

Steamship Mutual

Published: March 20, 2020

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A bulletin prepared by Pandiman of the Philippines draws to attention some of the key issues regarding Nickel Ore. The Philippines is one of the main exporters of Nickel Ore and it is often inherently wet due to the changing weather conditions in the region. Other areas of concern regarding this cargo are also highlighted in the bulletin, such as:

  • The potential for the risk of liquefaction to be increased because of the climate, mining conditions and transport/storage of the ore. The additional demand on the Philippine resources because the situation in Indonesia is also a risk factor.
  • The navigational risk in Dinagat Sound.
  • The reference to vessel loading without apparently following the IG mandatory notification of intention to load these cargoes.

To see Pandiman’s bulletin in full, please click here.

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