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Iran - United Nations Security Council Resolution 1929 (2010)

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Steamship Mutual

Published: June 01, 2010

As Members may be aware, on 9th June 2010 the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 1929 imposing further measures designed to counter Iran’s alleged nuclear proliferation activities.

These measures include:  

  • A ban on the direct/indirect supply, sale, or transfer to Iran of specified arms, equipment, artillery and missile systems (prohibited items) and training, financial or other services or advice relating to the supply, use etc. of such arms and related materiel; (paragraph 8) 
  •  The inspection of all cargo to / from Iran if there are reasonable grounds to consider it contains prohibited items; (paragraph 14)
  • Inspections of vessels on the High Seas (with the consent of the flag State) if there are reasonable grounds to suspect the vessel is carrying prohibited items, with power to seize and destroy prohibited items. (paragraphs 15 and 16)
  • A ban on the provision of fuel or supplies or other servicing of Iranian owned or chartered vessels, if there are reasonable grounds to believe they are carrying prohibited items; (paragraph 18)
  • The addition of specified individuals and entities, “designated persons,” listed in Annexes I-III of the Resolution, whose funds, financial assets and economic resources are to be frozen, and the freezing of assets of persons or entities acting on behalf of designated persons or at their direction, or those of entities owned or controlled by designated persons, including through illicit means ; (paragraphs 11, 12 and 19)
  • The reporting to the Committee of the UN Security Council (the Committee) of any information available on transfers or activity by vessels owned or operated by IRISL to other companies, that may have been undertaken to avoid UN sanctions/resolutions, including the renaming of ships; (paragraph 20)
  • A ban on the provision of financial services, including insurance or re-insurance or any financial or other assets or resources if there are reasonable grounds to believe the services, assets or resources could contribute to Iran’s proliferation-sensitive nuclear activities; (paragraph 21)
  • All States shall require their nationals, companies incorporated in and persons/firms subject to their jurisdiction to exercise vigilance when doing business with Iranian entities, including IRCG and IRISL, and any individuals or entities acting on their behalf or at their direction, and entities owned or controlled by them, including through illicit means, if there are reasonable grounds to believe that such business could contribute to Iran’s proliferation sensitive nuclear activities or development of nuclear weapons or the violation of existing UN Resolutions; (paragraph 22)
  • All State, UN bodies and other interested parties to co-operate fully with the Committee in particular by supplying relevant information on the implementation of the various existing UN Resolutions and incidents of non-compliance. (paragraph 30)

Click here for full text of the UN Resolution.

Members’ attention is drawn to the requirements of UN Resolution 1929 which may have an impact on shipping activities involving either Iranian entities or Iranian cargoes. In particular, the restriction on the provision of financial services may affect payments involving Iranian entities, and Members who are carrying cargo to or from Iran, whether or not their ships are chartered to Iranian charterers, may be liable to have their vessels stopped and searched.

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