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Argentina: Navigation regulations

SSM Roundel

Steamship Mutual

Published: November 11, 2019


Updated January 2021


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Correspondents Pandi Liquidadores have drawn our attention to the following issues.

The Argentine Coast Guard has commenced administrative enquiries against various vessels for breaching speed limits, mainly in the Rosario port area, between Km 434/435 Parana River, where the speed limit is currently 9 knots. Pandi Liquidadores Circular 36/2020 related to the speed limits in Parana River can be read here .

REGINAVE (Maritime, River and Lake Navigation Regime) is the main regulatory body concerning navigation in Argentina, relating to safety of individuals, vessels and the environment. Although it has been in existence since 1973, it has been re-established in November 2019 with some significant changes. These changes include the ability of the Argentine Coast Guard to impose fines on foreign seafarers and shipowners for breaches of maritime and environmental laws. Additionally the level of fines has increased significantly. Fines are denoted in Unidades de Multa (UM – units of fine) and will be increased annually according to the rate of inflation. Also, the Argentinean authorities can now pursue fines for infringements of individual crewmembers against the owners.

The full text of Pandi Liquidadores Circular 018/2019 can be read here .

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