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Maritime Cyber Awareness for Seafarers – an online course from The Nautical Institute

Steamship Mutual is pleased to highlight a new online course available from The Nautical Institute, for which Steamship Members are eligible for concessionary rates.

The course – ‘Maritime Cyber Awareness for Seafarers’ – powered by HudsonCyber, helps to identify and report cyber risks as defined in the company’s SMS, policies and procedures.

Under the new 2021 IMO requirements it will be necessary for shipping companies to address cyber risks in their safety management systems (SMS). Successful completion of the ‘Maritime Cyber Awareness for Seafarers’ course and The Nautical Institute certification that follows provides valuable evidence that crew members have received training to address these risks.

The training, suitable for all seafarers, addresses how cyber security onboard can be improved and includes:

  • What is maritime cyber security and how does it affect me?
  • Why is managing cyber risk not just for the IT department?
  • What cyber threats can affect my ship?
  • What is my role in the ship’s cyber security efforts?
  • How to manage cyber risk effectively onboard ships?

For further details of the course, please visit: For a discounted price code, please contact your usual Steamship contact who will provide you with the details.

For details of our new ‘Steamship Cyber’ cover, please find details on our website: