Loss Prevention Posters

Many of the shipboard incidents which give rise to P&I claims occur for reasons that are avoidable. Regularly as a result of detailed investigations, we find that in many instances human error is the principal contributing factor.

The ship's crew is a focal point for loss prevention. Complacency is a major concern, and it is often the case that seafarers no matter how experienced they may be and notwithstanding their underlying training and experience, can sometimes be involved in accidents that are avoidable.

Reinforcing basic safety principles through visual reminders can assist in controlling this area of risk, and this is the principal objective of the Club’s series of loss prevention postcards.

In an effort to convey the safety messages more widely and effectively, these safety aids are available in postcard format. As you will see, these are designed to visually communicate best practices of ship safety for crewmembers in five key areas. The themes of the posters comprise:


Work Safely                    

Addressing the need for safe working practices with a view to avoiding unnecessary personal injury to crew members.  



Stay Shipshape

Addressing the identification and rectification of vessel deficiencies before they have the opportunity to

cause a safety incident that may give rise to claims.



Collision Avoidance

Addressing the requirements for compliance with the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea.



Health & Hygiene

Addressing the need for hygienic food preparation, living quarters and good practice to maintain the health and well being of all crew members. 



Addressing the need for safe operations on RO-RO and PCTC Vessels. 


We would encourage the distribution of these postcards to all vessels in your fleet as essential aids to loss prevention for on-board training.

They can also be integrated into crew induction as a reference and guidance resource.

Additional sets of the posters can be obtained by contacting the Managers’ London representatives on steamship.publications@simsl.com