Fit for Life

August 2015

As reported in the Safety and Loss Prevention Section of the Club’s 2015 Management Highlights, claims arising from crew illness represent a considerable and persistent financial exposure for the Club. Whilst fortuitous illness is unavoidable and Club cover is rightly there to respond to this, it is a matter for concern when claims arise in respect of medical conditions that ought to have been detected during pre-employment medical examinations (PEME). It is vitally important that seafarers are fit for seagoing employment. Whilst such risk can be mitigated through the Club’s PEME scheme, there is also much that can be done to further control this risk by raising awareness on the part of seafarers of the steps that they can take, through lifestyle choices, diet and exercise to improve their physical fitness. The situation can also further be improved if seafarers were to view the regular PEME as a means by which their state of health can be determined at the time of examination and monitored in successive years. In this way there can be early warning of the development of any medical condition that might threaten fitness for seagoing service. Through either medication or lifestyle choices to address and such conditions it may be possible to avert career-ending unfitness with obvious benefits for both the seafarer and their employer.

With the financial support of The Ship Safety Trust, the Managers have produced a further loss prevention DVD that focused on the issue of crew health. The Fit for Life DVD was launched at a premiere before an invited audience at a central London venue in September 2015, following a preview during London International Shipping Week when the UK Minister for Shipping and Ports, Mr Robert Goodwill MP visited the Managers' London office to receive the first copy.  

Copies of the DVD have now been distributed to Members for use on their vessels. If any additional copies should be required, or should others who require copies of the DVD, these may be requested from the usual Syndicate contact or by using the order form.

Any further information that is required can be obtained from the Loss Prevention department