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Pre-Employment Medical Examination (PEME) Scheme

Whilst many crew already undergo PEMEs, the quality of these and the range of tests conducted, can be variable. This is evident from the Club’s claims experience, where it is not uncommon for symptoms of serious illness to manifest themselves within a few days of a crew member joining a ship, with the inevitable and expensive consequences. 

From the nature of such incidents, it is apparent that many crewmembers could not have been medically fit at the start of their employment and in those cases where an examination was conducted, the seafarer should not have been passed fit for sea service, suggesting that the PEME conducted was deficient.

To ensure that crew are fit and to reduce the potential for unnecessary claims, Steamship Mutual offers a rigorous and enhanced PEME. Using only recommended clinics, the scheme aims to ensure that seafarers who are medically unfit are not given clearance to serve at sea.

As part of the Club’s ongoing loss prevention programme, a PEME scheme was introduced in January 2009 for crewmembers recruited in the Philippines, in an effort to reduce the risk of unnecessary crew claims arising from pre-existing medical conditions. Further details are given in the PEME brochure (view and download below) and also in Circular B.479 of December 2008.

Since the scheme was established the claims experience of the Members who are using it has been monitored and beneficial effects are apparent. In view of the scheme's potential to significantly reduce risk in relation to crew claims the Managers have extended the scheme to Russia and Ukraine where recommended clinics are now also listed following appraisal by the Club's consultants.


Steamship Mutual's PEME Clinic Coordinator

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Medical Examination Records

The scheme is based upon enhanced examinations designed to screen for conditions likely to be encountered for personnel in three age bands – under 30, 31 to 45, and 46 and over. These examination standards have been compiled with the assistance of independent UK based consultants – Medical Rescue International (MRI).

The Medical Examination Records for the three age bands can be downloaded below:


PEME Brochure

PEME MER under 30

PEME MER 31 to 45

PEME MER 46 and over