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Steamship Mutual Diversity Policy

The Board has approved a Diversity Policy setting out its approach to and the principles relevant to diversity in the composition of its Board. In doing so, the Board is mindful that it works with a diverse group of Members, correspondents, brokers, advisers, Managers and their employees.

Included in the key principles are:

  • Culture: The Board supports diversity in its composition to ensure its ability to call on a wide range of talent, skill, knowledge and experience.
  • Diversity factors: The Board acknowledges the importance of diversity factors including qualifications, background and experience as well as race, gender and age.
  • Areas of activity: Under ideal conditions the combined skills of the Board comprise: insurance and shipping industry experience; and knowledge and expertise in accounting, actuarial, financial, legal, risk management and other disciplines as they relate to shipping and P&I/FD&D insurance. This skill mix enables the Board to effectively review and challenge business decisions and ensure diversity of approach, the safety and soundness of Steamship and the protection of its mutual and non-mutual members.
  • Recruitment: When recruiting Board members, consideration is given to the skills, competencies and background of existing Board members to ensure that any gaps which may arise are properly addressed.

In addition, Board members are required to be fit and proper in accordance with relevant regulation.