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Safe Loading and Carriage of Containers on Vessels other than Purpose-Built Container Ships

SSM Roundel

Steamship Mutual

Published: August 01, 2021

The Club has received a number of enquiries regarding the carriage of containers on vessels not primarily designed to carry containers, such as bulk carriers and general cargo vessels.

At least one instance has been brought to our attention where the carriage of containers on a bulk carrier has resulted in a container stack collapse within the hold, necessitating a return to port in order to restow the containers.

The document available to download below is intended to provide guidance concerning the risks presented by such operations. It also identifies some of the primary information necessary for considering such activities, along with other considerations of due diligence and risk assessment to mitigate and minimise the potential risks.

Suggested references and other related information available on our website, are also included.

For further information, please contact our Loss Prevention Department via email at [email protected]



Loading containers on vessels other than purpose built container ships August 2021

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