Senegal - Fines Being Imposed For Failure To Declare Fire Extinguishers and C02

November 2017

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The Club has become aware of a new trend in Senegal which has the potential to result in fines to members. We understand that various ship owners have recently been fined because of an alleged failure to declare to Senegalese customs how much CO2 is on board the vessel in the ship’s fixed fire-fighting system. This has not been a previous requirement. The customs authorities now require that gases inside the ship’s fixed firefighting system as well as the gas content of portable fire extinguishers to be declared. Although no official notification has been issued by the Customs, it is understood that they are applying article 74 of the Customs Code more vigorously. The CO2 is considered as part of the ship's stores by the Customs.

We attach the customs code in French, a free translation in English and an updated list of items to be declared. We thank club correspondents TCI Africa Dakar for supplying this information. 

We recommend that members liaise with their local agents before arrival to ensure that correct declarations, including information about fire extinguishers and their contents, can be made.