And the winner is Steamship Mutual

January 2018

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We are delighted to report that Steamship’s film Cyber Security: Smart Safe Shipping won the 2018 Smart4Sea Cyber Security Award. Loss Prevention Director Chris Adams collected the award at the 30/1/18 ceremony in Athens. In accepting the award Chris Adams said:

"We are humbled and honoured to have received the Smart4Sea Cyber Security Award, and in achieving that accolade – of which we will be immensely proud – I would like to pay tribute to the invaluable efforts of many others who contributed so much to this success. First and foremost I extend my grateful thanks to Tom McInnes and the whole team from Callisto Productions for once more doing such a superb job of creating the programme “Cyber Security – Smart, Safe Shipping”. Callisto have produced all of our loss prevention DVDs and the quality and innovative nature of these is reflected in the fact that all of these programmes have either achieved or been shortlisted for industry awards. I am also most grateful to our presenter Edward Stourton for his skill and commitment once more in conveying the message in an effective and authoritative manner. I also have to add that we received invaluable assistance in the production of this programme from HudsonAnalytix – one of our fellow finalists – and I must take this opportunity to thank them for their contribution and support. This evening’s success could not however have been achieved without that critical element of support – votes! I am therefore most grateful to all of those who cast their votes in our favour, and also to the extremely dedicated and supportive group of individuals in our marketing team back in London who did so much to encourage and mobilise support.

I would also like to pay tribute to the other companies with whom we shared a place on the shortlist, and I know very well the disappointment they will be feeling at this moment. We have known and worked with several of those companies over the years, and I have already mentioned HudsonAnalytix in this context. We have the highest regard for the work that they do and I would like to congratulate them all on their achievements.

Cyber Security is a topic that is of ever-growing importance. Our objective in producing this DVD is to help raise awareness amongst seafarers and shipping companies of the cyber security threat, and to influence behaviour to reduce and control that risk. As with all of our loss prevention programmes “Cyber Security – Smart Safe Shipping” was produced with financial support from The Ship Safety Trust. These programmes are available to all, not just Members of Steamship Mutual and if further information is needed, you can find it on the loss prevention page of our website."

Watch the award winning film “Cyber Security: Smart, Safe Shipping” on the Steamship website now: