Helping seafarers maintain mental well-being

Updated February 2022

August 2020

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MHSS partnered with Ship Safety Trust and Steamship

Our seafarers are critical to maintaining the flow of world trade and their well-being is an issue of paramount importance.

The pressures on individuals employed in the maritime industry – both ashore and onboard – have always been unique and immense. Long periods away from families and loved ones, a harsh and demanding environment, ever increasing levels of complexity in operations, technology, digitalisation, regulation, compliance and geo-politics – all take their toll. Sometimes a little help and support is needed.

The COVID 19 pandemic and more recently the Ukraine - Russia conflict, has and is subjecting seafarers to further increased levels of stress and anxiety.  In response to this, Steamship Mutual is pleased to provide a very significant additional service to the Club’s Members that is aimed directly at the well-being of ships’ crews. 

Through the Ship Safety Trust, Steamship has partnered with Mental Health Support Solutions (MHSS),  This partnership will allow crew members on Members’ entered vessels free access to confidential and professional psychological support.

This service is delivered by MHSS’s team of qualified psychologists with experience in the maritime sector giving 24/7 support, as one-to-one confidential counselling, and can be accessed both on board and ashore. The services includes direct access to multi-lingual maritime psychologists including English, German, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, Mandarin, Punjabi, Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian and Polish. Other languages can be accommodated as may be required.

For further information, please discuss with your usual contact within the Club.