Piracy - The Menace At Sea

As reported in the Club’s recently published Management Highlights, the threat to merchant shipping and seafarers posed by the activities of Somali pirates unfortunately shows no sign of being eliminated. Whilst the naval deterrent that exists within the Gulf of Aden has resulted in a significant reduction in the number of attacks there, vessels continue to be at risk of attack far offshore where naval resources are much more thinly spread. The Best Management Practice Guidelines (BMP) have been compiled by the industry to assist Masters and their crews to implement effective action to deter piracy and render vessels less vulnerable to attack. It is axiomatic that if pirates are prevented from boarding a vessel, it cannot be hijacked and consequently effective BMP compliance is essential to reduce the risk of a vessel being pirated. In light of this, it is therefore surprising that there is considerable evidence that there are vessels transiting the high risk area that do not implement the BMP guidelines, either fully or at all.

In view of the persistent and unacceptable threat to merchant ships and seafarers from Somali pirates, the Managers believe that there is considerable loss prevention benefit to be derived from an initiative that encourages more widespread compliance with the BMP guidelines. Consequently, the Club’s latest loss prevention DVD “Piracy – The Menace at Sea” has been produced with this objective, and its release closely followed the publication of the latest iteration of the BMP guidelines – BMP4. The Managers’ perception of the loss prevention potential of this production is shared by a wide range of organisations that have supported this project such as EUNAVFOR, NATO, OCIMF, INTERTANKO, INTERCARGO, IMO and the IMB. As with the Club’s previous loss prevention DVDs the project was undertaken by Callisto Productions, filmed on location in the UAE and London, and financed by The Ship Safety Trust. In addition to the film, the DVD contains important reference documents and web-links relevant to the issue of piracy. Copies of the DVD is supplied to Members free of charge. The DVD is also be available to others interested in receiving a copy and can be ordered by completing the online Order Form.

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May 2012 – Piracy DVD wins Seatrade Safety at Sea Award 2012

We are delighted to announce that “Piracy – The Menace at Sea” won in the Safety at Sea category in this year’s Seatrade Awards. Read more ...


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Michael Grey reviewed "Piracy - The Meance At Sea" in his Lloyd's List Industry Viewpoint column of 8 August 2011: Piracy on the silver screen

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"Piracy - The Menace At Sea" has already been well received and has been described as "essential guidance for any Mariner who is intending to operate in or close to the Indian Ocean"  - Royal Navy. Other reviewers said:

“A compelling film which hits the mark. The balance is absolutely right” - Lt Col RM Andy Price, EU NAVFOR

"Every ship should have a copy of this DVD and every crew member should watch it, it could save you and your ship!” - Rear Admiral Ort, NATO

"Excellent advice on how to protect yourself and your ship against pirates - highly recommended!" - Chris Trelawny,  International Maritime Organization

"Very well put together with a clear unambiguous message. We commend it to all who sail in these waters.” - Capt P Mukundan, International Maritime Bureau

“It’s Critical that Every Mariner watches this Film"  - Capt. Howard N. Snaith,  INTERTANKO

“I completely advocate its use as a training aid for ships; I have not seen anything to equal the quality of this product.”  - Peter Hinchliffe, Secretary General, International Chamber of Shipping