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UN Resolution 2146 Libyan Crude Oil Export Prohibitions

The Security Council of the United Nations (“UN”) has on 19 March 2014 adopted Resolution 2146 (2014) in response to a request from the Libyan Government for assistance in dealing with threats involving Libyan oil terminals in the east of Libya.  The Libyan Government sought UN intervention to assist Libya to thwart armed persons un-connected with the Libyan Government engaging in the illicit export from Libya of cargoes of crude oil. 

Resolution 2146 authorizes the UN Sanctions Committee to impose certain measures on vessels designated, on a case by case basis, as potentially involved in the illicit export of crude oil from Libya. The Resolution authorises UN States to:

  • prohibit such vessels from loading, transporting, or discharging crude oil from Libya;
  • inspect such vessels on the high seas and to order them to return Libyan crude oil cargoes to Libya;
  • prohibit such vessels from entering ports of UN States;
  • take necessary measures to require their nationals and entities and individuals in their territory not to engage in any financial transactions with respect to such crude oil from Libya on board vessels designated by the UN Sanctions Committee pursuant to the Resolution;
  • take the necessary measures to prohibit the provision by their nationals or from their territory of bunkering services, such as provision of fuel or supplies, or other servicing of vessels, to vessels designated by the UN Sanctions Committee.

A copy of the Resolution and a Port Security Advisory issued by the US Coast Guard, can be downloaded from the links set out below.

Security Council unanimously adopts resolution 2146 (2014) banning the illicit crude oil exports from Libya. Authorising inspection of suspect ships on high sea.

Port Security Advisory(1-14) - The US Coast Guard is issuing an updated Port Security Advisory for Libya. Port Security Advisory 1-11 has been cancelled.