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Consolidated EU Regulation 44 January 2016

COUNCIL REGULATION (EU) 2016/44 of 18 January 2016

In view of the various Council Decisions and UN Security Council Regulations adopted since 2011 imposing sanctions on Libya, many of which have been subsequently amended, EU Regulation 2016/44 (“the Resolution”) was adopted to consolidate current Libya sanctions.

The main prohibitions still in place are as follows:

• The sale, supply, transfer or export of listed equipment that may be used for internal repression, whether or not originating in the EU, to any person, entity or body in Libya or for use in Libya, or the provision of technical assistance related thereto.

• The purchase, import or transfer from Libya of listed equipment, whether or not originating in Libya, that may be used for internal repression.
• As regards goods listed in the EU Common Military List or otherwise listed in the Regulation (with limited exceptions):

  • The provision of technical assistance related to the goods or their provision, manufacture, maintenance and use, to any person entity or body in Libya or for use in Libya.
  • The provision of financing or financial assistance relating to the goods
  • The transfer of goods and technology or the supply, sale, transfer, export or import of goods brought into or leaving the EU from or to Libya.

• The loading, transport or discharge of crude oil from Libya on designated vessels flying an EU Member State flag, unless authorised by the competent authority of that Member State.

• Accepting or providing access to EU ports to designated vessels, except in the case of inspection, emergency, or where a vessel is returning to Libya.

• The provision by EU nationals or from EU territories of bunkering, ship supply services or servicing of vessels, including the provision of fuel or supplies, to designated vessels, except where necessary for humanitarian or safety purposes, or where the vessel is returning to Libya.

• Financial transactions with respect to crude oil aboard designated vessels, including the sale of crude oil or its use as credit, or taking out insurance with respect to the transport of crude oil.


In addition, asset freezes are imposed on various persons, entities or bodies as listed in Annexes II or III.

A copy of the consolidated EU Regulation can be downloaded from the link below.

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EU Regulation 44 18 January 2016 (0.45 MB)