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Katia Oliveira Interviews Captain Silva of Log-In Jacaranda

SSM Roundel

Steamship Mutual

Published: March 04, 2024

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Katia Oliveira, Manager of the Steamship Mutual Rio office, recently interviewed Captain Vanessa Cunha dos Santos Silva of Log-In Jacaranda and they discussed her inspiring journey of becoming a Master of a vessel.

During the discussion, Captain Vanessa openly talks about the difficulties she faced as a woman working in a traditionally male-dominated field, and how she overcame these challenges through determination and hard work. Her experiences emphasised the importance of family support and that finding a healthy work-life balance has been the key to her success.

Captain Vanessa also highlighted the crucial role of the maritime profession in the global economy. She encourages young women to pursue a career in this field, and her story serves as a reminder of the strength and resilience of women in the maritime industry.  

Part One: Introduction:

  • Meeting with Captain Vanessa from Log-In Jacaranda

  • Discussion about her professional life

  • Pilotage period and internship experience

  • Progression from second officer to chief officer

Part Two: Challenges Faced as a Woman in the
Maritime Industry:

  • Early resistance and stereotypes
  • Need for masculinisation initially
  • Overcoming prejudices and proving competence
  • Changes in attitudes over the years

Part Three: Family and Motherhood Challenges:

  • Balancing work and personal life
  • Impact of motherhood on career
  • Support from family and husband
  • Challenges of being away from home for extended periods

Part Four: Changes in the Maritime Industry:

  • Evolution of conditions and technology
  • Inclusion programs for women in maritime companies
  • Recognition of women's contributions in various role

Part Five: Importance and Challenges of 
Managing a Vessel:

  • Responsibilities as a vessel commander
  • Psychological aspects of managing a crew
  • Contribution to global trade and logistics
  • Commendable aspects of the profession

Part Six: Personal Anecdotes and Reflections:

  • Recounting initial fears and challenges
  • Highlighting memorable experiences, including assuming command
  • Expressing satisfaction and fulfilment in the profession

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