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Container Vessel Break Away incidents - Brisbane, Australia

The Club wish to bring to the attention of Members that within the space of five days there had been two similar incidents at Brisbane Port, Australia where the moorings of 2 container vessels appear to have been severely affected by vessels passing very closely to the berthed vessels. In one of the incidents the vessel had a complete breakaway from the berth when the mooring lines parted and in the second case there was a near breakaway of the vessel. In both cases the situations were brought under control by the timely actions of the crew and with tugs assistance. 

Members are advised to bring these incidents to the attention of their ships staff and remind them of the need to be vigilant in attending to their moorings when alongside the berth, especially when there are passing vessels leaving, entering or transiting the area.

The ATSB (Australian Transport Safety Bureau) continue to investigate the above incidents which they expect to complete by the fourth quarter of 2022.

For more information on these incidents kindly visit the link below:
Investigation: MO-2022-004 - Breakaway incidents involving <em>OOCL Brisbane</em> and <em>CMA CGM Bellini</em> in the Port of Brisbane, Queensland on 16 May and 20 May respectively (

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