Restructure Summary

The business of the Club was previously underwritten by two insurance companies: The Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association (Bermuda) Limited (“SMUAB”) and Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association Limited (“SMUAL”). The restructure transferred all the existing and historic insurance business of SMUAB to SMUAL. As from 20 February 2015 all underwriting has been carried out by SMUAL.

The reorganisation was approved in both the United Kingdom and Bermuda and completed on 20 February 2015.

Restructure Contact Information 



Details of the process and further information can be obtained from Graham Jones

Steamship Insurance Management Services Limited

Aquatical House

39 Bell Lane

London E1 7LU

(+44) 20 7650 6534

The Part VII Transfer

Scheme of Arrangement


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