Underwriting Forms

Underwriting Forms

Forms used to submit information to your Underwriter are provided here in both MS Word and Adobe PDF format. Wherever possible, forms should be downloaded, completed electronically and emailed to your Underwriter.

Using the forms

MS Word

This is the preferred format. If you use MS Word, these forms can be completed electronically and emailed as an attachment to your Underwriter. No signature is required using this method of completion.

PDF (Adobe Acrobat)

If you are unable to use MS Word, the PDF forms can be accessed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader. This software can be obtained without charge from the Adobe web site at: http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/

Using Acrobat, the form can be completed online and then printed, or printed and completed by hand. Completed forms can be forwarded by post or scanned and sent to your Underwriter as an email attachment. Either way, the completed form must be signed.


Vessel Entry Forms

Blue Card Application Forms: (Bunker, CLC, Athens 2002 PLR Non-War and Wreck) 

(For details of current Bunker Convention state contacts click here.)   



Blue Card Letter of Indemnity

If Members wish to receive Blue Cards from the Association for the next policy year prior to agreeing renewal of their vessels' P&I cover, then a letter of indemnity must be provided to the Association on the headed paper of the Principal Member and on the unamended wording which can be downloaded here. Please send this letter to your Syndicate Underwriting team along with your request for new Blue Cards.

Athens 2002 PLR War Blue Card Application Form

Ships licensed to carry more than 12 passengers and registered in an EU/EEA Member State or entering or leaving a port in the territory of an EU/EEA Member State, are required to maintain insurance which meets the requirements of the PLR and to obtain a certificate issued by an EU/EEA Member State attesting that such insurance is in force. The State issued certificate must be carried on board at all times as proof of cover for the payment of compensation for the loss suffered as a result of the death of or personal injury to a passenger caused by a shipping incident involving war/terrorism with an overall upper limit of SDR340m.


  • Athens 2002 PLR War Blue Card Application Form - MS Word Format
  • Athens 2002 PLR War Blue Card Application Form - PDF Format

Maritime Labour Convention 2006

The Convention, known as “MLC, 2006” came into force on 20 August 2013. The Convention established minimum working and living standards for all seafarers on those ships.

Steamship Mutual Members can download all the associated applications forms below. If Members wish to receive MLC Certification, the application forms need to be provided to the Association on the headed paper of the Principal Member. 

MLC Certificates 

MLC Certificate Application Form - PDF Format

MLC Certificate Application Form - MS Word Format 

Laid Up Return Forms

If an entered ship shall be without cargo and so remain in any safe port or place for a period of 30 or more consecutive days after finally mooring there (such period being computed from the day of arrival to the day of departure, one only being included) the Member shall be allowed a return of Mutual Premium.


U.S. Voyage Quarterly Declaration Forms

A declaration should be made for any cargo voyage involving loading or discharging cargo at any port or place in the USA or within EEZ as defined in the OPA 1990. USA includes District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands and Northern Marianas. Please refer to the attached instructions for details on how to complete this form.  

HFO Declarations

As one of the initiatives employed to contribute to the industry-wide goal of eliminating sub-standard shipping, the International Group has agreed that all sea-going tankers aged 10 years or more which have carried heavy fuel oil (HFO) as cargo in the previous 12 months should be surveyed at the beginning of the year, unless:

  • the ship has undergone a Club condition survey during the previous 12 months; or
  • the ship has undergone a Class Special Survey during the previous six months; or
  • the ship has achieved a CAP 1 or CAP 2 status.

Members are therefore asked to make a declaration at the beginning of every year as to which ships in their fleet carried HFO as cargo during the previous 12 months. If a ship continues to carry HFO as cargo over a period of successive years, the Club is not obliged to carry out a survey every year but a survey will need to be held every three years.  It is at the Club’s discretion whether surveys are undertaken on a more frequent basis. 

The definition of HFO to be used for the purpose of the annual declaration is as follows: 

a residual fuel with a kinematic viscosity of 380 centipoise when measured at 50 degrees Celsius by Test Method ISO 3104.”

(This definition is intended to exclude intermediate fuel oils or heavy crudes, as well as bitumen or tar.)