Non Poolable Covers




Members of the Club are insured for protection and indemnity
(P&I) risks in accordance with the standard terms of entry, set
out in the Rules. These reflect the terms of the International
Group’s Pooling Agreement, which, amongst other things,
makes provision for what claims may be pooled amongst the
Group Clubs, and what liabilities and expenses cannot be pooled
and are thus excluded from Group arrangements. The Pooling
Agreement encompasses risks that are common to the majority
of shipowners. Its scope of cover has evolved over the years,
and continues to evolve, to meet the changing and developing
needs of the industry.

Generally speaking, risks are excluded under the Pooling
Agreement if, for instance, they are considered not to be
sufficiently “mainstream” to warrant mutual cover (e.g. certain
offshore activities); or if they involve particularly onerous
contractual terms that a Member may be required to agree for
commercial reasons. These claims are thus excluded under the
normal terms of Club entry and under the rules of the Club.
Nevertheless they represent risks for which many Members
require cover.

The Club is able to provide such extended cover for a wide range
of non-poolable liabilities and costs, with limits available up to
US$1 billion. This includes cover for contractual indemnities,
risks relating to non-eligible persons, specialist operations,
offshore operations and non-poolable cargo liabilities. The
scope of coverage is flexible and can be individually tailored to
accomodate an individual Member’s requirements. The Club will
always assist Members in trying to provide solutions for new and
uncommon risks, as they arise.

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