Special Products


Diver (Special Covers)

Cover for additional Risks which go beyond the scope of the Pool: 


Additional cargo covers 

Specialist operations 

  • Voyage deviation
  • Warehousing
  • Carriage on land
  • High value declarations
  • Trans-shipment
  • Delivery without Bills of Lading
  • Insured Bills of Lading
  • Stevedore indemnities
  • Documentary irregularities


  • Waste disposal
  • Professional oil spill response
  • Tank cleaning


Salvage operations 


  • Liabilities of non-professional salvors


  • Dredging
  • Pile driving
  • Cable / Pipe laying
  • Marine installation/maintenance works


Professional diving

Offshore energy, Drilling exploration

  • Diving support
  • Inspection and specialist sub-sea operations



  • Survey
  • Pipe laying
  • Drilling
  • Production operations


Additional co-assureds

Non-vessel owning or chartering entries

  • Unrelated companies
  • Contractors / Service providers / Customers



  • Crew managers
  • Concessionaires
  • Pre-acquisition interests
  • New building FDD cover




  • NVOCC liabilities
  • Containers owned or leased


  • Non-standard contracts


Heavy lift cargo

Indemnities and contracts

  • Liability for damage or wreck removal of heavy lift cargo carried on non-standard terms


  • Non-standard risks imposed under contracts with suppliers/customers/ facilities/ports




  • Off-vessel activities
  • Non-entered vessels (borrowed servants and pre-delivery)
  • indemnities under non-standard crew contracts
  • Crewing agents’ liabilities
  • Drilling/exploration/production operations
  • Non-marine personnel on accommodation vessels


  • Indemnities/hold harmless agreements
  • Co-assurance clauses
  • Specialist operations


Medical malpractice


  • Indemnities to and liabilities of doctors/nurses


  • Off-vessel activities
  • Shore excursions




  • Liabilities in respect of employees/third parties/third party property
  • Full as if “employed crew” cover
  • Damage to vessels and equipment


  • Negligence and default of agents/sub-contractors