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Togo Fines Alert - Risk Alert 104

SSM Roundel

Published: March 01, 2024


With thanks to the Club correspondent Budd we wish to alert Members to the potential risk of Significant fines for vessels calling in Togo.

Courtroom Fines

“Vessels calling in Lomé (Togo) should be aware that they may face fines of over 130 million Euros and prison sentences of between 3 months and one year for exchanging items with local people, notably fishermen” on the grounds that their informal transactions could be constituted as smuggling.

Recommendations to avoid the risk of fines in Togo:

  • Avoid bartering any items whatsoever as these informal transactions are considered smuggling as per Togolese Customs Code.
  • Members are advised to seek details of the most up to date information through their local agents prior to arrival.
  • Immediately contact local P&I Correspondent if a Member’s vessel faces difficulties with Customs.


Members are advised to refer to information provided by Budd, Togo for further guidance.

For further information please contact the Loss Prevention Department, Steamship Insurance Management Services Ltd.

Tel: +44 20 7247 5490
e-mail [email protected]

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