Rules and Cover





Cover of vessels and respective claims and disputes is defined by rules determined by the Club's Board of Directors.   

The categories of cover are specified as:-

  Class I    -   Protection and Indemnity

  Class II   -   Freight Demurrage and Defence

Additionally, Recommended Clauses to be contained in various shipping documents are also provided.

The rules, together with the map showing Correspondent locations, are available in pdf format and can be downloaded below. For convenience, the pdf version has an interactive contents page (page 9) followed by an interactive list for all Class 1 and Class 2 rules. Click on the rule to jump to the correct page.

In addition, the pdf format documents are fully searchable and most pdf readers offer a search tool which allows the user to search the text for particular words or phrases. If no search button or icon (such as a binoculars symbol) is shown, click ‘Ctrl + F’ to activate the search function.


In the event that updated versions or amendments to the Rules are published on the website the text shown on the website prevails over the text printed in the rule books.


Hard copies of the Rulebooks are available on application to the Managers.