Venezuela: Correspondents Venepandi Warn of Bribery Prosecutions

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Venezuelan Club Correspondents Venepandi have reported a trend where some crew members and even Masters have become subject to criminal investigations because of alleged bribery committed with local officials in terminals or similar in Venezuela. Venepandi outline some of the potential consequences of such actions. They recommend that Maters are instructed to say no to any offers made by local officials to “let go” the investigation in exchange for cash. The Club supports this recommendation and draws Members attention to the Club’s Bribery Act Statement on the Steamship Mutual website. This statement sets out the Club’s zero tolerance approach to matters where bribery may be concerned. The Statement also includes a link to the Club’s Code of Business Standards and Ethics.

If members require any clarification, please contact your regular club contact. 

Club correspondents in Venezuela are available to assist if a local problem arises, and the Club should be informed too.