SINGAPORE: Lost Anchors

October 2018

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Club correspondents SPICA of Singapore have provided this update:

Change of procedure

We have recently experienced a change in how the Maritime Port Authority (MPA) of Singapore acts in cases of lost anchors within Singapore waters. It will be helpful for Owners, Clubs, H&M Underwriters, Brokers, etc. to know.
In the past the MPA would not get involved in search for and retrieval of lost anchors. Their only interaction was a Notice to Retrieve (NTR) issued on the agent/vessel, and then to be kept informed of the progress.

They have now taken a more active role. They now involve themselves directly with the local contractors. This has also changed the procedure for getting permission to leave Singapore.

Please note that the information here only relates to government interaction. Any Class requirements when losing anchors also need to be followed by the Owner.

Documents required

The MPA is first looking for the following documents to be submitted to them, followed by a separate LOU (see below).

  1. Master SOF over incident.
  2. MPA standard form “Master’s authorization to appoint Solicitor” to be signed by Master and countersigned by agents and/or owners.
  3. MPA standard “Report of a Marine Casualty or Marine Incident” form.
  4. Vessel anchor specs/drawing.
  5. Class survey report.

Letter of Undertaking (LOU)

Most of the work will (likely) be conducted by the MPA themselves, so they will be asking for a standard LOU form to be provided by the Club, H&M, or its representative. The LOU wording is not controversial, but it does require a quantum to be inserted and should reflect the costs for the MPA. 

As Club Correspondent in Singapore, we are of course able to assist the Club with advice on the correct level of the LOU, facilitate the production of the LOU, and speak directly with the MPA if this is necessary for the earliest release of the vessel.


The recent change of procedure will likely require a ‘trial period’, and we are continuously in discussions with the MPA.  We would therefore encourage the Clubs, H&M, Brokers and the Members to voice to us any concerns and comments you might have in the future.

Our thanks to SPICA Singapore for providing this information.