OOCL Hong Kong arrival at Felixstowe 21 June 2017

September 2017

28 OOCL Hong Kong

Syndicate Executive Darren Heppel, from the Club’s Far East claims team, was at Felixstowe Point on Wednesday 21 June 2017 to witness the maiden call of the world’s largest container ship, the "OOCL HONG KONG", to Felixstowe port.

At just under 400 metres long and fully laden, the "OOCL HONG KONG" made a truly impressive sight as she approached port. Led by a tug providing a water cannon escort in honour of her arrival, she cut smoothly through the water and was gracefully manoeuvred onto her berth with an agility that belies her great size. 

The "OOCL HONG KONG" is the first vessel in the world to have a carrying capacity in excess of 21,000 containers and this milestone was recognised by Guinness World Records which has officially confirmed that the OOCL HONG KONG is the world’s biggest containership, having a carrying capacity of 21,413 teu.

It is noteworthy that this is the second time OOCL has set a Guinness World Records title. The previous record was set in April 2003 with the "OOCL SHENZHEN" being recorded as the largest containership (8,603 teu!) at that time. 

At the time of writing, the “OOCL HONG KONG” has now been joined in service by her sister “OOCL JAPAN” which entered service on 11 September 2017. Both vessels are entered with the Club.

Steamship Mutual has enjoyed a long association with OOCL which has been a Club Member since 1973. 

We are extremely pleased to hold the P&I entry for both vessels and would take this opportunity to extend our very best wishes to their Masters and crew, and all at OOCL.


Article by Darren Heppel
Claims Executive
Eastern Syndicate