Crew Injury during lifting operation

July 2020

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The Marine Accident Investigation Branch has recently released Report No 11 where two crewmen on a general cargo vessel were injured when a suspended load fell.

The investigation report identified a number of failures in regard to the onboard practices of lifting operations and the care and maintenance of lifting equipment when a suspended load consisting of the ships own lifting gear fell due to a shackle of the lifting gear becoming snagged which resulted in a fibre sling parting.

Areas of particular focus highlighted in the report include the need for:

  • Undertaking a task specific risk assessment, the two injured crewmen were standing within the fall zone of the lift
  • Robust procedures and a lifting plan, the same lifting operation had been undertaken on a number of previous occasions with the lifting equipment similarly snagging on obstructions suggesting a failure to implement lessons learnt
  • Accurately maintaining the Register of Lifting Appliance and Cargo Handling Gear, an accurate register of survey, testing and maintenance of lifting gear being a vital component of a Safety Management System
  • Dedicated and appropriate area for the storage of lifting gear

Members are encouraged to share the report with their staff and to review onboard lifting procedures and practices.