Hydrovia – Low Water Levels Warning – Increased Risk of Grounding

April 2020

Updated June 2020


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June 2020 update

The article below was published in April 2020. Since then Correspondents Pandi Liquidadores of Argentina and Paraguay have issued an updated Circular warning about the exceptionally low water level in the Parana River, the lowest for the last 50 years. Their 3 June 2020 circular can be read here.

Original article - April 2020

Members should be aware that with the present global changing weather patterns, certain waterways, known as “Hydrovia” (or “Hidrovia”) in Argentina, have shown unusually low water levels and there is an enhanced risk of vessels going aground if proper precautions are not taken during the navigational transit of these waters, especially during the High Transit Season. The Club has experienced many incidents in the past of groundings or other navigational incidents in these waterways, and these occurrences can give rise to substantial claims.

It is important to note that the present weather conditions are not predicted to change in the next few weeks. In this regard, the Hydrographic Office of Argentina (Prefectura Naval Argentina) has issued the Hydrographic Alert circular No. 023/2020 and 2020-24345065-APN-PZBP#PNA alert of which Free English Translation is included in this Circular from Club Correspondents Pandi Liquidadores.

In view of the above concern, Members are requested to direct their masters navigating in the rivers of Argentina i.e. Hydrovia, to take appropriate precautions and to take advice from the Coast Guard through its VTS Centres when transiting the affected waterways.

For further details, please see the attached newsletter.