CHINA: Yellow Fever Prevention: New inspection regime for vessels and people

January 2018

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The WHO (World Health Organisation) has reported yellow fever outbreaks in Nigeria, Peru and Brazil. The Chinese authorities have announced measures aiming to prevent the spread of the disease into China. Club correspondents Huatai have informed us of enhanced inspections for vessels or visitors from Nigeria, Peru and certain regions of Brazil. The regulations apply to vessels or people from Nigeria, Peru, Brazil (except Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba, Pernambuco, Alagoas, Sergipe)

People of 9 months or above must present a valid vaccination certificate against yellow fever to the entry-exit inspection and quarantine institutions when entering China.

For vessels, Huatai recommend that vessels obtain a mosquito eradication certificate before departure from the affected areas.

These requirements will be valid for 3 months from 19 January 2018 and may vary from port to port. For example. the port of Xiamen requires mosquito eradication measures to be conducted at the berth whether or not the ship has written proof of prior disinfection of mosquitos.

At other ports including Hainan, Longkou, Laizhou, Yantai, Qingdao and Rizhao, a mosquito eradication certificate must be presented during port entry formalities; otherwise, the local CIQ (China Inspection and Quarantine) will require mosquito eradication measures be conducted at anchorage before ship’s berthing. These requirements may change as the epidemic situation develops.

Owners are recommended to check with their local agents about any specific requirements of the Chinese authorities in the port of destination.

Further details can be found in the attached circular from Club correspondents Huatai.