U.S. - Electronic NOI for VGP

June 2009

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The U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA) now has an Electronic Notice of Intent (eNOI) facility through which vessel operators can apply for coverage under the Vessel General Permit (VGP).

Vessels greater than or equal to 300 gross tons or with the capacity to hold or discharge more than 8 cubic meters (2113 gallons) of ballast water, must submit a complete and accurate Notice of Intent (NOI) in accordance with the requirements of Part 10 of the VGP by 19 September 2009 if seeking coverage under the VGP.

Further details of the EPA's VGP requirements can be found in the Club's circulars B.478 and B.480, both of December 2008.

The EPA's eNOI Homepage can be found at: http://cfpub.epa.gov/npdes/vessels/enoi.cfm