The Navigator

Nautical Institute

The Navigator is a free publication produced by The Nautical Institute in association with the Royal Institute of Navigation. Each issue focuses upon one particular aspect of navigation such as passage planning, position-fixing, and collision avoidance. All of the issues covered are vitally important to the control of risk and loss prevention. This publication is directed towards improving the knowledge and skills of young professional marine navigators and reflects the need for that role to be recognised, valued and supported.

The Nautical Institute is campaigning to have The Navigator available on the bridge of every SOLAS-sized vessel in the world.  It is self-evident that improved navigational competence will aid loss prevention in relation to the incidence of grounding and collision that is currently of concern, and consequently the Club is very pleased to assist with this campaign. Copies of the issues of The Navigator that have been issued to date are available to download from the links below, and Members are encouraged to forward these to their vessels.

In a further move to widen the appeal and use of this publication, the Club is pleased to promote and sponsor, with funding from The Ship Safety Trust, the production of versions of The Navigator in languages other than English. The first of these, The Navigator in Greek, was launched at Posidonia in June 2014.


Issue 1: The Role Of The Navigator Issue 2: Avoiding Collisions  Issue 3: Passage Planning
Issue 4: Positioning Issue 5: ECDIS - The future of navigation  Issue 6: RADAR
Issue 7: Bridge Resource Management   Issue 8: Communication  Issue 9: Professional Development  
Issue 10: Aids to Navigation Issue 11: Building on competence Issue 12: Cyber security
Issue 13: Error Management  Issue 14: S-Mode Issue 15: Mentoring
Issue 16: Piloting Issue 17: Shiphandling Issue 18: VTS
Issue 19: Lookout  Issue 20: Assessments  Issue 21: Weather
Issue 22: Accidents Issue 23: Situational Awareness  Issue 24: Into the Future
Issue 25: Looking Ahead, Looking Astern  Issue 26: Under Keel Clearance Issue 27: Navigational Layers
Issue 28: Data quality Issue 29: Focus on Pilots