Risks in Carriage of Food Cargoes

January 2008

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infested yellow maize

A wide range of food cargoes are transported every year, mostly without any difficulties. However, when problems are caused by the failure or non application of management systems, these can result not only in financial losses but there can also be risks to food safety and associated public health issues.

Most foodstuffs are in a condition of prime quality and value at the time when they are harvested or produced. However, they are all inherently perishable and have a finite shelf-life. Therefore from that point onwards, during subsequent handling, processing, packaging, storage and transportation, activities that are designed to enhance value and market acceptability, they will inevitably deteriorate in quality until such time as they are no longer fit for purpose.

In an illustrated paper prepared for the Steamship Mutual website David Walker of CWA International Ltd explains the risks involved and the precautions that can be taken to prevent or minimise them. The paper can be downloaded below.