The New Suez Canal


Following the recent inauguration of the new section of the Suez Canal, the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) has issued a Circular No. 5/2015 concerning navigation in the canal.

The English translation of the text of that Circular and cross-sectional diagrams of the new section of the canal can be found in the download section below.

The Club’s legal correspondents in Port Said, Abou Ali, have advised however that there is an omission from this translation when compared with the original Arabic text. 

Article 1 (6) should in fact read “Electronic and Paper Charts have been issued for the new Suez Canal.”

It is understood that the new paper charts are issued by  the Egyptian Navy, and these are available from Edward Company for Maritime Services at a cost of EGP400.  - approximately US$52. To date the SCA has not yet issued any regulation concerning paper charts, nor imposed any fines for any failure to have a paper chart for the new section of the canal onboard. Further regulatory development might follow. In the meantime, to avoid any potential risk of penalty, Members who have vessels transiting the canal are advised to contact their agents about arranging for the relevant paper chart, if and as may be required, to be placed onboard the
vessel(s) upon arrival at either Port Said or Suez.