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AMSA: Guidance on risks associated with the carriage of battery-powered electric vehicles - Risk Alert 100

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Steamship Mutual

Published: November 24, 2023

(CV Safety Alert: 02/2023)

The Club would like to bring to Members attention the attached Safety Alert (CV Safety Alert: 02/2023) published by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) which, whilst directed at  the operators of domestic commercial vessels (DCVs) provides valuable reminders, considerations and recommendations on the risks associated with the carriage of battery-powered electric vehicles (BEVs) on roll-on, roll-off (RORO) ferries.

vehicles on ferry

Some of the risks associated with BEV fires onboard DCVs include:

  • High voltage shocks
  • Direct jet flames
  • Fires develop in intensity quickly and rapidly reach their maximum intensity (typically within 2-3 minutes)
  • Toxic gases
  • Gas explosion (if the released gas accumulates for a while before being ignited)
  • Long lasting re-ignition risk (can ignite or re-ignite weeks, or maybe months after the provoking incident)
  • Once established fires are difficult to stop/extinguish.
  • Thermal runaway

Other useful references:

For further information on this or other Loss Prevention topics please contact the Loss Prevention Department, Steamship Insurance Management Services Ltd. Tel: +44 20 7247 5490; Email: [email protected]

PDF Available


Guideance on Risks Associated with the Carriage of Battery Electric Vehicles

November 2023

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