DRI - Venezuela Issues Exemption Certificate under IMSBC Code

April 2011

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In November 2010 the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela issued an Exemption Certificate, under the provisions of the International Maritime Code for Solid Bulk Cargo “IMBSC Code”, regarding the transport of iron ore obtained by direct reduction. Generally speaking, DRI fines at the Orinoco River are of high moisture content (between 5% and 12%), for which reason the Venezuelan Aquatic Authority (INEA) advised this cargo to be treated different than the DRI “C” referred to by the IMSBC Code, which came into force as mandatory from 1stJanuary 2011. Consequently, the Competent Authority issued the exemption certificate in question, in order to allow the transportation of this product with mechanical ventilation instead of inert gas.

Further details are given in the circular prepared by GLOBALPANDI which can be viewed and downloaded below.