Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association (Europe) Limited (SMUAE)

February 2020

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SMUAE, a member of the International Group, will begin operating in Limassol, Cyprus on 20th February 2020, with support from Piraeus (Steamship Insurance Management Services Limited, Filellinon 1-3, Piraeus, 185 36, Attiki, Greece) and London (Steamship Insurance Management Services Limited, Aquatical House, 39 Bell Lane, London, E1 7LU, UK).

SMUAE will accept entries of Members whose place of management is within the EEA and certain other jurisdictions (including Switzerland and Monaco). The Rules, the scope and types of cover, the levels of service, and the financial security of SMUAE will be the same as those of Steamship Mutual London. In line with Steamship Mutual London, the new Club has an S&P “A” rating, reflecting the Steamship Mutual Group’s continued financial strength.

Members previously with Steamship Mutual London will notice that SMUAE will request that premium payments are made to M. M. Warburg & Co in Hamburg. The full bank account details can be found on the premium invoices. If Members or brokers are in any doubt as to where to remit funds, please contact your usual underwriting or accounts contact.

SMUAE Board of Directors

SIAE Board of Directors