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Steamship Mutual is a market leader in the provision of Yacht P&I liability insurance, due to its financial stability, long term experience in the market and exceptional service. The Club benefits from a dedicated Yacht Underwriting and Claim team with deep knowledge and experience of the yacht industry.

The Steamship Mutual Yacht Liability Cover offers a flexible tailor made solution for medium to the largest sized yachts. With limits available from US$1 million to US$1 billion and coverage on terms wider than generally available in the yacht market, the Yacht Liability Cover aims to satisfy the needs of Owners, Charterers and Fleet Managers alike.

Key features of our product:

Fixed premium
Limits from US$1 million to US$1 billion per event
Covers the Yacht Owner’s immediate family, guests and crew
Cover is also available to Charterers and Managers
Wider standard cover than generally available elsewhere
MLC compliant coverage, repatriation and unpaid wages automatically included without additional premium
•  Contractual Liability extension available with a US$5 million limit as standard
Accident and Illness Cover option for crew and day workers
Hull War and Kidnap and Ransom cover option
Legal Expenses Cover option available for Yacht Owners, Charterers and Managers
Facility to work in excess of third party liability contained under Hull & Machinery policies as well as underwriting P&I from the ground up
Dedicated Yacht Team (Underwriting and Claims)
In-depth claims handling and loss prevention services from the Club’s experienced and qualified staff and a worldwide network of correspondents and lawyers
Access to marine threat assessment and security planning advice.


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 Cover Highlights

  • Crew
    The Club covers the Yacht Owner's liabilities to his crew for any accident occurring on or off the Yacht and her tenders, and also the Owner’s liability for repatriation, substitution costs, loss of personal effects, immigration and other fines, deviation and other costs.

  • Guests and Yacht Owner's family members
    The Club covers liabilities in respect of the Yacht’s guests for any accident occurring on or off the Yacht and her tenders, including whilst participating in water sports activities, shore excursions and other leisure activities.

  • Day workers and others on board
    The Yacht Owner’s liability is covered for injury, death and property claims to third parties of every description.

  • Pleasure craft, tenders and water sports 
    The Club covers the liability for injury or death of persons and for damage to third party property, arising from the operation of ancillary craft such as tenders, jet skis and a wide range of Toys used in conjunction with the Yacht.
  • Repatriation and unpaid wages as per MLC requirements.
    The Club covers fulfils the Owner's requirement to provide financial security for repatriation expenses and unpaid wages required under guideline B.2.5 of Regulation 2.5 of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006.
  • Environmental damage
    The Club covers the liability for environmental loss and damage, including fines, resulting from oil pollution or the accidental escape of other contaminating materials such as waste.
  • Collision, dock damage, wreck removal, Fixed and Floating Objects (FFO) and other property claims
    The Club covers the liability for damage caused by collision, contact or interference with vessels, fixed and floating objects and other marine property, including but not limited to berthing / mooring facilities.
  • Under-insured third parties

    Medical costs or expenses arising from personal injury to any third parties on board when the responsible third party is uninsured or under-insured are covered by the Club.

  • Transportation Risks
    The Club covers the liability of the yacht owner when the Yacht is transported by a heavy lift vessel.
  • Towage
    The Club covers the liabilities of the Yacht Owner arising from the towage of the Yacht.
  • Helicopters and other airborne craft
    The Club covers the liabilities arising as a result of the presence of a helicopter or other airborne craft on board the Yacht.
  • Firearms
    The Club covers the liabilities arising from the use of weapons on board for sporting purposes.
  • Contractual indemnities, special agreements, specialist activities and operations
    The Club accepts to cover liability under blanket contractual or other indemnity arrangements, to the providers of services and facilities, and to customers and others receiving services from the Yacht. This includes not only contracts of employment but also contracts for the use of marine facilities, such as berths, repair yards and bunkering services.
  • Piracy
    The Club covers the liabilities for capture, seizure, detainment, whether actual or attempted or the consequences, consequent on acts of piracy.
  • War risks, terrorism and similar perils
    The Club covers the liability incurred as a result of specified war, terrorism, and other related risks.
  • Hull War risks and Kidnap & Ransom

    The Club can arrange cover for Hull War and for Kidnap and Ransom for crew as an additional coverage.

  • Legal Expenses Cover
    The Club can cover the legal and other costs incurred in relation to commercial disputes, such as non-payment of charter hire and defective supplies. This is an additional coverage that the Club can offer if required by the Yacht Owner.
  • Accident and illness cover for crew and day workers

    The Club can extend cover when the Yacht Owner has agreed to indemnify the crew for personal injury, illness, death, or loss of effects. This cover can also be extended to day workers.

  • Documentation
    The Club can issue Italian, Spanish, Greek and Bunker Blue Cards, as well as providing the necessary documentation to enable operators of yachts to obtain a Certificate of Financial Responsibility for oil pollution. The Club can also issue Blue Cards compliant with the Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wreck as and when required.

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Club Yacht Contacts

For further details and information, please contact one of our Team:



Hugo Jacquot - Syndicate Associate Underwriting

T +44 (0)20 7650 6646

M +44 (0)7525 816 638




Chris Durrant - Syndicate Executive Underwriting

T +44 (0)20 7650 6475

M +44 (0)7876 492 677





Paul Brewer - Syndicate Manager Claims

T +44 (0)20 7650 6653

M +44 (0)7887 943 992 




Danielle Southey - Syndicate Associate Claims

T +44 (0)20 7650 6471

M +44 (0)7875 775 935




Kristina Larsson - Syndicate Executive Claims

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M +44 (0)7876 492 655








Rupert Harris - Head of Reinsurance and European Underwriting

T +44 (0)20 7650 6644

M +44 (0)7979 240 916




Gary Field - Head of Americas Underwriting

T +44 (0)20 7650 6498

M +44 (0)7968 971 510




Mark Underhill - Head of Claims

T +44 (0)20 7650 6541

M +44 (0)7816 650 625



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