Charterers' Terms


Charterers' Terms of Entry 

Self-contained terms, specifically drafted for Charterers’ entries, consolidate in a separate cover the conditions upon which Charterer Members are entered for Class 1 P&I liabilities and, if such cover is requested, DTH and Time Charterers’ Bunkers risks. These dedicated terms set out clearly the scope and extent of cover available to Charterers. FD&D cover, when provided to Charterers, is available upon the terms set out in the Association’s Class II rules.


Charterers' and Traders' Cover


Traders' Cover


Charterers' and Traders' 
Cover Questionnaire 2021-2022


London Charterers' Clauses


Europe Charterers' Clauses 


Charterers' & Traders' Cover 
A summary of the cover available 
and why it's needed