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Title Date
International Group reports record year for education August 2021
Press Release: Steamship Mutual Financial Update and 2021/2022 Renewal May 2021
Press Release: Steamship Cyber cover March 2021
Press Release: Steamship Mutual 2021/2022 Renewal February 2021
The International Group's Pilotage Report - An IGP&I Press Release December 2020
Steamship Mutual Financial Update and 2021 Renewal October 2020
Crew change issues arising from COVID-19 - An IGP&I Press Release October 2020
Press Release: Steamship Mutual Limassol Office October 2020
Steamship Mutual Financial Update and 2020/21 Renewal June 2020
Press Release: Coronavirus – Mental Resilience On Board May 2020
Press Release: How can seafarers keep safe from Coronavirus (COVID-19)? April 2020
Steamship Mutual Renewal 2020 March 2020
Steamship Mutual Financial Update and 2020 Renewal February 2020
Steamship Mutual launches the “Yacht Club” January 2020
Steamship Mutual Financial Update and 2020 Renewal October 2019
Press Release: S&P rating remains 'A' (Stable) for Steamship Mutual September 2019
2019 Management Highlights July 2019
Club Update May 2019
Steamship Mutual Financial Update and 2019 Renewal October 2018
Press Release: S&P reports on Steamship Mutual's continued robust performance September 2018
Steamship Mutual acquires licence from Hong Kong Authority August 2018
2018 Management Highlights July 2018
Club Update May 2018
Financial Strength Maintained at Steamship Mutual after Capital Return January 2018
Singapore Office November 2017
Steamship Mutual Financial Update and 2018 Renewal October 2017
SSM Work with Marine Catering Training Consultancy (MCTC) September 2017
Steamship Mutual 2017 Management Highlights July 2017
Steamship Mutual Financial Update and 2017 Renewal May 2017
Steamship Mutual continues its strong performance in another good claims year. January 2017
Cyber Security Risk to Shipping Industry highlighted in Steamship Mutual’s latest Loss Prevention DVD January 2017
Steamship Mutual Receives Standard & Poor’s Rating Upgrade August 2016
Steamship Mutual Publish 2016 Management Highlights and Report & Accounts July 2016Management Highlights 2016